Come. Let me show you something that is WORSE than ‘no gift.’

Feast your eyes upon this horror.


For when you want to say Hi. Not only did I forget to get you something for Christmas, I don’t even care enough to pick out what piece of hyper-partisan junk to give you as a ‘present.’ So I’m just going to give you this gift card so that you can give your contact information to the Democratic National Committee.  And the best part? I thought that all of this was clever.

And for the love of God, RNC: don’t do this.  This is hideous.  It’s almost Hellish, only not in an excitingly transgressive way…

3 thoughts on “Come. Let me show you something that is WORSE than ‘no gift.’”

  1. This is when you go to one of the “we buy gift cards” places. Surely one of them will give you something for the, ahem, “value” of DNC gift cards.

    1. That’s .. one approach.
      The other would be to mail ’em to Repubs who .. need encouraging .. with a note. (then, of course, claiming the tax deduction)

  2. Can you get one of these cards in sub-$5 denominations? A $1 card would probably cost the DNC money.

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