Back a day early.

Just could not sleep well while traveling this week. Just as well; I suspect that the roads are going to be extra-dangerous this year. There were umpteen accidents on the various roads we took today.

4 thoughts on “Back a day early.”

  1. Weather knocked our Monday return flight to today. Nearly made it out of Chicago without seeing Old Man Winter. Missed it by THAT much.

    1. My elder Georgia son and his new wife visiting her family in New Mexico have been footing it through 6+ inches of snow! We are grand dog & grand cat sitting.
      Can’t wait till they are safely back…. where we are only having flash flood warnings ever other whip stitch!!

  2. I stayed home and smoked a homemade pastrami today-I’ll finish it by steaming tomorrow… Mmm, fresh pastrami and bacon on rye, all homemade…

  3. Slept 17 hours today, being sick sucks. And I was sick on Christmas Day too 15 hours of sleep then. Grandkids are the greatest infectious disease agent Known to man.

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