My RedState post on electric cars is up.

Found here. Short version: nope, not worth it. Unless you’re an Obama crony, of course.

5 thoughts on “My RedState post on electric cars is up.”

  1. Dang it, Moe. There are a bunch of people out there saying to themselves, “What is a Bangor…?”

    1. That’s easy. It’s a kind of English sausage that’s commonly served with mashed potatoes (aka “Bangors and mash”). 😉

      1. Are you sure? I thought it was slang for a wood stick with a metal knob firmly stuck on top, used in auto body shops to remove dents..

  2. The grocery stores in Houston that want to signal “Hey, we’re Green!” are putting in charging stations. I’ve never seen one in use though.

  3. Truly insane levels of crony capitalism were hardly the best way to get there, but 200-mile range semi-reasonably priced electrics are supposedly debuting next year. And even in the worst-case scenario (electricity is coming from a coal-fired power plant), you’re burning less and burning something we’ve got more of than oil. The best case for electrics that doesn’t involve magic alternative energy fairies is if the grid’s nuclear, though …

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