People try to stay anonymous when they win insanely high lotteries?

900 million for tonight’s, by the way.  550 million or so if you take it all at once; probably 350 million or so after taxes that way.  Anyhow, apparently people are mostly forbidden in most states from claiming the prizes anonymously; which I guess makes sense. I’ve honestly never really thought about it one way or the other.

I certainly didn’t assume that I’d be able to stay anonymous, in the just-this-side-of-impossible chance that I won.  A New Media dude and political blogger?  Dang, the media would eat that right up.  Especially since I’d be encouraging them to.

Moe Lane

PS: I’ve looked at the numbers, and I don’t think that I could actually buy myself a shiny new Republican Senator for Maryland.  At least, not for more than one term. Also: that’s pretty unethical, yes?

7 thoughts on “People try to stay anonymous when they win insanely high lotteries?”

  1. You can be anonymous in Ohio! Though if suddenly I have a new 2 car garage and a Jaguar F-Type in it, people might suspect. Also, I’d suddenly be able to afford to run for a Common Pleas judgeship 🙂

  2. Reminded of the time that everyone in the legal and compliance department bought in to the joint ticket buying…. except for our general counsel. Honestly, don’t think we asked him if we wanted in!
    No. we didn’t win. So, no, we didn’t all quit the next day.
    good times.

  3. Step 1 – find a lawyer who can keep his or her mouth shut.
    Step 2 – Incorporate yourself, under a name that has *nothing* to do with you .. use the “naming of subdivisions” model – two natural features (or a combination of adjective-and-feature) and a compass-point or two – if you don’t have a better method. “Rock Woods East” or “Northwest Stony Creek” .. then append a business model, “partners” or “corporation” or something. I suggest partners as the accounting’s simpler to keep private.
    Step 3 – hire a spokesflunky. Do this through the lawyer – you never meet this person, this person never knows you exist – they know that they’re hired by your partnership to claim the ticket in the name of the partnership. Pick a spokesflunky you happen to like anyway, and pay ’em a percentage.
    There, you’ve now got a fat salary yearly, you’ve got a spokesflunky to handle the legal anonymity requirement, as long as you don’t go *too* ostentatious you can keep your lifestyles (although Mrs. Lane can retire if she wants) without raising eyebrows .. and charities you like can benefit without anyone tracing it to you.
    Why yes, I *have* put some thought into this, why do you ask?

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