Chipotle to temporarily close all its restaurants over food poisoning problem.

Alternate title: Chipotle suddenly discovers why there are preservatives in food.  Takeaway passage from the article is probably this: “Chipotle, which pressured other fast food chains to be more health-conscious by serving fresher and less-processed food, has been slow to recover from a salmonella outbreak, an E. coli outbreak and anorovirus outbreak.” No, the takeaway isn’t the aforementioned store closings: that’s more a publicity stunt than anything else. All the stores will close for a short time on February 8th, presumably so that corporate can do a conference call where they tell everybody that everything will be fine. Heck, half the stores might ignore the closing.

Not much else here, except that I’m going to be That Guy and point out that, if you’re a progressive/liberal sort who wants to sell burritos, it’s safest for everybody involved if you remember that your primary responsibility to humanity here is to sell it safe burritos. If you’re not selling safe burritos, then it really doesn’t matter how good you are on the Hot Topic du jour. Awful of me to point out, but then: I am being That Guy.

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9 thoughts on “Chipotle to temporarily close all its restaurants over food poisoning problem.”

  1. Also, if you’re selling burritos, never do anything that make Taco Bell look good in comparison.

  2. A while back they announced that they’d gone through and upgraded and had the highest safety standards in the industry, and I wondered if they’d made the very simple move of Obama-proofing the sneeze-guards. I suspect not, that would require actual work, rather than just writing new safety standards.
    Personally, after going to Freebird’s, I haven’t been back to Chipotle a single time – I have no idea how the Austin Chipotle’s stay in business against a much superior alternative.

    1. Logging in solely to support your support of Freebirds. Superior flavor and value. Also, their queso is quite delicious.

  3. Reppin’ the Mile High City, home of said chain, I’ve gotta put out there:

    1) Moe, you misspelled “Chipotle” twice. The correct spelling is in the quotation. 🙂

    2) As is ALWAYS the case, the chain’s hippy-dippy ethos doesn’t always permeate down to the point-of-sale…an employee there once gave me her family discount because I asked about a military discount and they didn’t have one, so props there.


  4. I ate at Chipotle for lunch today. That’s cuz I’m that rare breed of cat that stares death in the face and asks for a $2 side of guacamole.

  5. Between now and February 8 Chipotle stores can continue being unsanitary and serving food which will sicken or kill people.

    Remember – February 8 is the last day they will permit themselves to do that.

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