Some day, sites like Salon will be able to talk about religion…

…without making you want to go wince, hide, or find a good stick with which to defend yourself.  That day is not here yet.  Oh, my, no.

I particularly enjoyed the bit where the author took his not-very-hidden anti-Semitism and turned it into ostensible anti-Catholicism*.  Well, ‘enjoyed’ is not the right word, of course. But it’s not entirely the wrong one, either.  I don’t really mind it when my political opponents engage in a spot of self-trepanning like this…

Moe Lane

PS: …Man. White people.  Particularly white people who write for Salon, because they’re so white they make regular white people go “Man. White people” without a hint of shame.

*Seriously, there’s considerable overlap between the “I hate the Old Testament God of the Jews” crowd and the “I kinda hate Jews in general” crowd.  Go figure, huh?

7 thoughts on “Some day, sites like Salon will be able to talk about religion…”

  1. I took a gander at the comments to the article.
    Holy Moly are those people incredibly bitter and yet full of their own worthiness. The idea, the concept that you should be thinking strategically, and not show your unshielded hatred before an election was foreign to them all.

    Thank God.

    Please, dear Salon people, continue.

    1. Why, WHY would you do that?!?
      [looks at comments]
      LOL. I love that they’re shouting down the tolerant atheists for not being authentic enough…

  2. The problem with hating God of the Old Testament or ignoring the Old Testament altogether, is really only telling half of Jesus’s story/teaching.
    For example in Matthew 27:46, Jesus says on the cross: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”
    Most people debate what he meant, but an understanding of the Old Testament would reveal that he was quoting Psalm 22 (I will let you look that one up and read). However being on the cross for nine hours, you are going to be pithy. Jews standing there would have understood. Context matters. I cringe when I hear that some Christians still don’t understand why Jesus says that, despite still using Psalm and Proverbs after tossing the rest of the Old Testament.
    After learning more about Psalm 22 connection to Jesus’ Crucifixion, I have been reading more of the Old Testament myself. God is both vengeful AND loving in the Old Testament. God was just as forgiving as much as He punished.

  3. Wow. Someone had a bad experience in church as a child. He really should seek professional help.

  4. Any way you could cite a fuller passage? I don’t like to traffic and provide clicks to click-bait sites like Salon.

  5. So, they’re trying to name themselves “rationalists”? That’s not going to fly if they keep writing articles like this. Irrational is a good word for what I read (at least, to the point I gave up and said it wasn’t worth the additional loss of brain cells).

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