Chaos and Old Night in Dizzy City!

And so it begins.

Here’s the thing, though: I’ve lived down here for over a decade and a half, and… Washington DC gets more snow and frozen rain than they’d admit. There is increasingly no real reason for these people to be so bad about dealing with a little snow and/or other bad weather. They need to start learning how to deal…

Moe Lane

PS: At this point, my kids are openly speculating that there will be no school tomorrow, because, ZOMG, there are flakes in the sky the night before. …They should not be probably right! THEY SHOULD NOT BE RIGHT.

3 thoughts on “Chaos and Old Night in Dizzy City!”

  1. We had a cold front hit here in Austin today as well, I think the high was only 61. But good news, it should be back in the 70s by Sunday or Monday…

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