So far? The snow here has been… manageable.

It’s definitely snowing. The blizzard hasn’t hit here yet, though, and while it’s been coming down there haven’t been many issues yet, God willing and the creek doesn’t rise.  Which is actually sometimes a problem in my part of Maryland.  Why we built our nation’s capital in the middle of a freaking swamp…

So everything’s cool, folks.  Hopefully it’ll stay that way.

Moe Lane

PS: Hell no I didn’t drive anywhere today.  You’re kidding me, right?

5 thoughts on “So far? The snow here has been… manageable.”

  1. You shut your mouth, Moe, and you shut it fast! Haven’t you ever watched a movie or read a book? First dude that says “Eh, not so bad” rains down fire and damnation upon the whole lot of us. Do you want to be a Ray Stanz, summoning a Stay-Puff Blizzard Man to crush us all?
    You fool! You’ve doomed us all!

  2. Just rememeber…shovel the walkways while it’s still snowing. ‘Cuz it’s easier to move 8 inches of snow three times than 24 inches all at once.

  3. Wake up, Moe. That wasn’t the real story we were seeing.

    God help me, I went out twice yesterday to shovel the driveway and sidewalk, and now it’s all gone.

  4. The correct usage is” Creeks don’t rise “. The first recorded usage is a Methodist circuit preacher explaining the tenuous nature of his scheduled duties . These Creeks would be the red skinned savages which populated the over mountain parts of the Southeast and allied themselves with the British in the first years of our Republic . Later they were removed to other parts by General Jackson for the safety and betterment of all concerned .

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