My RedState post on Pennsylvanian teachers unions.

Found here. Short version: Pennsylvania operates on the One Vote, One Time model, apparently. Almost none of the teachers there have actually ever voted whether to join a union.

2 thoughts on “My RedState post on Pennsylvanian teachers unions.”

  1. have they ever tried to indict an entire state government? if not, would this make a lovely test care? or are there actual honest people there?

  2. In Alabama , three years ago , the legislature voted to end the automatic withholding of dues from public employee paychecks . The teachers union is now basically in liquidation . Previously the AEA had absolute control over any piece of legislation or any statewide candidate in Alabama . “Absolute ” is not hyperbole but fact . Moreover the AEA was run by one man who was not shy about letting everyone know who was in charge . A few years ago some ‘journalist ‘ asked the guy how he felt about the winner of the R primary for governor , he answered , he didn’t much care which guy won , they all belonged to him . ( BTW , the primary is the election; the November thing is just for show and besides , it comes in the middle of football season , so no one pays attention ) . The details of the demise of the AEA are at a web site that follows state news , “Yellowhammer ” . It will give hope to those under the thumb of a public employee union , BTW , the term is ’employee’ not worker , for obvious reasons .

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