Tweet of the Day, Why Bernie Sanders Still Hasn’t Won The Nomination Yet edition.

It’s because you’d have to be extremely stupid and tin-eared to lose to Hillary Clinton. It’d take real skill for that. And Bernie Sanders is up to the challenge:

…Spoiler warning: the very rich will figure out how to avoid a confiscatory tax marginal rate of 62% or higher. Most of the people reading this would end up being stuck paying the extra 8.4% in taxes, though. You do, as they say, the math.

Moe Lane

PS: It occurs to me that the peculiar genius of the American upper classes was (note tense, alas) in realizing that the American public will largely not care if rich people are rich, just so long as the rich people do not hassle the not-rich people.  This was a genuine innovation, and I’m sorry to see it fall into disuse.  But not as sorry as the aforementioned rich people might end up being.

2 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Why Bernie Sanders Still Hasn’t Won The Nomination Yet edition.”

  1. That was back when the American upper crust A) Believed in America, and B) invested copious amounts of said wealth to stay on their respective communities good sides, to the point of building the whole d*mn town themselves if they had to(see Carnegie, Andrew). This in contrast to West Byrd-inia, where half the state is named for hustling Other People’s Money.

  2. Bernie is not there to win. he is there to play crazy socialist to Hillary!’s calm rational center-left. Martin is there in case they kill each other on-stage, but Gropin’ Joe and Fauxcahantas will be handed the nominations if that happens. i just wanna see if Bernie gets the idea that he CAN be the nominee.

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