My RedState post on Bernie Sanders not conceding Iowa.

Found here. Short version: he didn’t conceded Iowa yesterday. And… I think that he hasn’t conceded it today, either? That’s interesting, really.

4 thoughts on “My RedState post on Bernie Sanders not conceding Iowa.”

  1. Not conceding? Considering how close it was and how weird the entire system the Democrats use is it isn’t a complete surprise. This will, of course, anger the Inevitable HRC, and Sanders has to know that. It looks like he is actually in this race for real.
    There have been so many conspiracy theories that different candidates – Trump, Sanders – are in the race at the behest of the Clintons in order to provide cover for the coronation or to distract and divide foes. It may be that the people in the race actually want to win the race.

    1. I wouldn’t doubt Sanders was encouraged to run to provide a safe-for-her veneer of competition – he wouldn’t lay a glove on her and let her get away with the very things he’s supposedly running against. That’s changing now that there is a significant enough ABH contingent giving him steam. He just might, maybe, take the nomination away from her by accident like Obama did. And wouldn’t *that* be something?

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