Quote of the day, We Must Simply Accept That The GOP Is In Better Shape Than Democrats edition.


…much of the national media focuses on a fractured-party narrative for Republicans, who arguably are less divided [than Democrats] but appear to be so on the surface because they have more candidates — and because of the media’s obsession with Donald Trump, who has failed on numerous occasions to espouse traditional Republican tenets.

More candidates does not mean there are more factions of a party; it means there are (or were, until Iowa) 12 people who felt the call to run for president.

Basically, Salena Zito is pointing out one of the paradoxes of this campaign.  The GOP seems to be more fractured than the Democrats, but in reality our candidates mostly know what the party is generally for, and are generally lined up for it (even Donald Trump knows the absolute basics* that he’s not allowed to transcend).  The Democrats, on the other hand? …Well, they’ve got two candidates trying to outdo the each other when it comes to impressing maybe thirty percent of their party, and never mind the other seventy percent who just remember that nice Truman fellow and would prefer more like him, please.  Our problems stop once we get a candidate. The Democrats’ problems will only have just begun.

Moe Lane

*One thing: I don’t really believe that Donald Trump is a small-government sort or really pro-life or particularly pro-gun or hesitant to get involved in blatant social engineering. But I do think that the man genuinely loves the United States of America. And that he would not hesitate to [expletive deleted] up the [expletive deleted] of anybody who [expletive deleted] with us.

3 thoughts on “Quote of the day, We Must Simply Accept That The GOP Is In Better Shape Than Democrats edition.”

  1. that nice Truman fellow would never vote for either Bernie or Hillary! in a million years. which is part of why this election is ours to lose.

  2. Pretty much my take on it.
    If a wannabe totalitarian is going to win, let it be the one who will raze multiculturalism and critical theory, then sow the ground with salt.
    At this point, I honestly wouldn’t mind those screaming about how “oppressed” they are, experiencing some oppression.

  3. Except that the D Party has a long record of delivering for its people . Abortion , affirmative action , green energy , union thuggery whatever , you pay in and vote , you get what you paid for , no complaints . Over the last 10 years the R party , at least as far as its professed conservative policies and principles has delivered just about jack nothing . ” Don’t be stupid . Be a schmartie come and join the Democrat Party !!”

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