So, not to be That Guy, but: ethanol, huh, Gov. Walker?

In retrospect, I think that Scott Walker made a bit of a mistake in throwing Liz Mair over the side like that because she hates ethanol subsidies as much as I do.  It complicated Gov. Walker’s narrative, at exactly the wrong moment in time. And it turned out to not even matter, which legitimately has to eat at the guy.

Ach, well.  Grist for the mill, folks.  Grist for the mill.

One thought on “So, not to be That Guy, but: ethanol, huh, Gov. Walker?”

  1. It was a symptom of a larger problem his campaign had. It did not know who to hire for a national campaign. He wound up hiring a high dollar know it all who blew through all his cash early. Burns me to this day. Walker was the guy we needed and the guy we wanted, but damn it, he could not get it together.

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