Self-Tweet of the Day, It’s Time To Purge The Debate Stage edition.

The days of seven people need to be OVER. Whether or not the news media want a slap-fight. Especially if they want a slap-fight, in fact.

7 thoughts on “Self-Tweet of the Day, It’s Time To Purge The Debate Stage edition.”

  1. Well, it seems, at the moment, the R vote totals have passed the D totals by about 7k with 48% reporting…

  2. Kasoch would have been a good Democrat candidate. Can we call Chrisite done now? Kind of disturbing that the state of Vermont keeps showing strong candidates in democrat primaries (thinking of Howard Dean in 2008).

  3. I’ve probably said this before (like in 1988), but with vote totals this low, we actually take New Hampshire seriously?

    1. Originally, because Iowa showed what the midwest farmers thought of the candidates, New Hampshire showed what the northeast yankees thought, and South Carolina shows what the south thinks…
      None are large, so not a lot needs to be spent, compared to the SEC Primary, and they expose both candidate problems (Dean scream) or organization problems (Jeb!) …
      They still sorta serve this purpose, but it’s kinda legacy today.

  4. Cruz should get a substantial amount of credit for coming in 3rd in New Hampshire despite being the only candidate that spent less than $1M there.

    1. “The guy in thrid place is the real winner” stories are at least as true as they were last week.
      But they won’t be written.

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