Tweet of the Day, Louisiana Elections Have Consequences edition.

As Dan McLaughlin noted, this is what happens when you elect Democrats. Enjoy, Louisiana!

10 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Louisiana Elections Have Consequences edition.”

      1. Roll Tide, Moe. Roll Tide.
        p.s. the cat clan support Auburn (War Eagle!) but .. they’re somewhat less well known, and we like the ‘bama folks well enough, ‘cept during the Iron Bowl.

      2. Very few of them are as fanatical about religion.
        They’re one of the most “exuberant” fan bases in the SEC. The intensity can be a bit disturbing.

      3. Let’s just say there might be a governor somewhere that could hold their NCAA schools hostage for a tax hike, but not anywhere the SEC touches.

  1. Edwards didn’t say he would cancel college football. He said that if the budget crisis wasn’t fixed, there wouldn’t be enough money to pay personnel at the universities, which would mean that classes would not go on as scheduled, which would lead to a number of students (including athletes) getting incompletes in their coursework. Which would lead to no college football.
    How reasonable that causation chain is, I don’t have the knowledge base to say. Smells fishy to me. But it’s not like the man went on TV and said, “Tell your lords to fix this now, peasants, or I shall take all your circuses.”

  2. Soooo….#lalege should introduce a bill to lower state taxes by some percent and cut spending by eliminating some useless state programs. Then dare #lagov to cancel football and a tax break.

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