I don’t vote for no 9/11 Troofers.

Simple as that.  George W. Bush did not let it happen on purpose.  George W. Bush did not make it happen on purpose. George W. Bush is not a pawn of the Saudis, the Jews, the Trilateral Commission, and/or the Goldfish Fanciers.  George W. Bush did not lie us into war, he certainly did not lie about weapons of mass destruction, and George W. Bush did not lose that war (although Barack Obama certainly seems determined to).

Just… no.  Not acceptable. Not acceptable at all.


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  1. I dunno, Moe, them Goldfish is pretty tasty. ‘Specially the ranch-flavored ones. The pretzel ones, though — DEFINITELY Illuminati conspiracy. Ugh.

  2. I don’t get it; no need for unforced errors that way, especially about a well liked ex-President who has gone out of his way be gracious and stay out of the limelight for the last 7 years while he has been proved right many times over…..

  3. Bush was not a pawn of the Saudis, but he certainly gave them more deference than was strictly required. I can’t say that I was comfortable with that then, and my take on it hasn’t improved over time.
    But yeah, Trump really stepped on his (appendage) tonight.
    Although I classify praising Planned Parenthood as considerably more vile than engaging in stupid conspiracy theories.

      1. So was I.
        But he’d worked fairly hard to portray a change of heart, that he understood the scale and costs, while having a believable inflection point for the change backed up by a moving story.
        It was more effort than politicians normally spend to try and get the benefit of the doubt.
        Then last night, he had a temper tantrum on live TV, and openly declared he’d been lying.
        Long term, you might be right that calling everyone who voted for W. a fool and a rube will hurt him more.
        But the next primary is in South Carolina. I hold that the likely blunting of momentum there (not to mention the wave of southern primaries shortly after) will do more damage over time.
        Either way, I’m pretty sure he just killed his campaign.

    1. Bush was loyal to his subordinates.
      There are grounds to suspect that the Saudis have been buying high officials of the USA for decades. Including allegations about Carter and his reasons for overthrowing the Shah of Iran.
      As Luke says, it isn’t out of the question to wonder about the decisions Bush made on the advice he was given. I am certain the United States was his primary loyalty, and its interests his primary agenda.

  4. Amen! Sadly, I wonder how much it will impact him, though. He’s been spouting garbage like this all along, he was just more persistent and loud with it last night.

  5. Please hear me out…you’re probably not going to like what I have to say. While we stand on principle, and I agree it is certainly the moral position under normal circumstances, but we’re now in extremis; it’s Defcon 1.
    Everything changed yesterday; this may be our last opportunity to block full-bore socialism.
    We’re facing the prospect of the Liar or the Commie packing the court. Not only the Scalia vacancy, but at other aging Liberal justices have signalled that they may retire if the Dems keep the WH. The potential for three appointments between 2016-2020 is very real. We’re not just talking about 5-4 Lib, but a radical bench of 5.
    We cannot permanently hold both houses or rely on the GOPe, SCOTUS is our remaining bulwark.
    Although I voted for him twice and the criticism re 9/11 & Iraq is unfair. W will have to look to his own legacy (pushing his loser brother ain’t making me look upon him fondly). The past is done, we need to look to Nov and beyond.
    Trump is a loose cannon and an unknown, but the others cannot win the general. It’s really frustrating that we’re in this position. Parse it however you may, but neither Rubio or Cruz are viable. Rubio is to Humphrey what Cruz is to Stevenson. We fooled ourselves in 2012, while in our hearts we knew Romney couldn’t win [and look what a traitor/p*ssy Ryan turned out to be].
    We may be screwed whomever we chose…but my own life experience is that in choosing action vs status quo one has room to maneuver, to change the outcome.
    So now what?
    Do we roll the dice? I dunno, I really don’t.

      1. I will not vote for a Democrat in a partisan election. I now have substantial evidence for my suspicion that Trump is a Democrat.

        1. I mean, I live in California. My vote in statewide elections is tilting at windmills 99% of the time. There is no chance I will do so on behalf of Trump; if I’m going to vote for someone crazy, I can vote Libertarian and at least the crazy person will be someone I agree with some of the time.

      1. Cruz can win.
        But even if I’m wrong, his loss would clarify things immensely and clearly mark the end of our Constitutional Republic.
        That, in and of itself, is more than enough reason to nominate him over any of the other candidates.
        Perhaps Scaila’s passing marks a judgement of mene mene tekel upharsin, and we’re doomed whatever we do.
        Or perhaps not.
        Let us call for the people to repent of idolizing the State, and see what happens.

      2. I think everyone left except Trump and Carson (who doesn’t really count) will probably win, because Hillary and Bernie are such terrible general election candidates (especially if Bloomberg gets the non-crazy liberal vote, which he might). Getting reelected in 2020 if the Democrats can find someone under 60 and only more liberal than 3/4 of Americans instead of 90%, is another matter, though. As is actually getting anything through congress (no Republican will get away with the kind of stuff Obama’s been doing).

  6. My position is that I am not interested in refighting the political battles of the Vietnam War. Nor am I interested in refighting the political battles of the George W. Bush Administration. I cannot see where doing either of those things is going to be a help to any Republican candidate whether “Establishment” or “Insurgent.”*

    The current administration is a target rich environment and the MSM will be doing everything they can to steer the debate away onto the battlefields of the past, places where they believe – with good reason – that they can assist the Democrat. Distractions like these – the 2012 War on Women comes to mind – only hurt the GOP from on side to the other and I am not interested in it.

    *Add in Bernie Sanders’ honeymoon in Moscow. The Soviet Union is gone and has been gone for a quarter century. It is the past, a nasty past, but the past. Find something much more relevant in his recent political history to beat him over the head with, Lord knows there should be enough out there.

  7. I actually found myself warming on Jeb. But not enough to support him in the Primary.
    I thought he went the wrong way when he tried to defend his mother. I would have preferred he note that Clinton had eight years, to Bush’s nine months, and stuff like the Gorelick wall, and the lead time it would have taken to plan the incident.
    Troofers mostly tailor their analysis to their agenda. Framing Islamic terrorists would take more preparation than Islamic terrorists would need. The only way it could have been an inside job is if it had started during the Clinton administration. That Troofers discard this possibility marks them as partisan Democratic tools.

  8. Refighting any of the battles of the past with the Democrats means the GOP candidate – whomever that is – will be fighting on the battlefield that the MSM picks for the Democrat.
    Nah, I’m not for that. They want to natter on about the 1970 invasion of Cambodia, go ahead. I want the Republicans to argue about things that have happened in the last decade* and keep the focus hot and bright right there.
    You know, the last decade where the target-rich Obama administration has been screwing up everything it could find in an attempt to prove that a theory worked out in an academic conference room can actually exist in the real world.
    And failing miserably at that. I cannot emphasize enough the complete failure of the Obama Administration, the Ivy League academic hothouses, and the theories the one has grown and the other one has advocated.

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