Right about now, the District of Columbia Republican Party…

…(yes, it exists) is coming to a realization: this go-round, they matter.  They have 19 delegates!  There are candidates who want those 19 delegates!  People are going to come up to them and say, “When are you posting your results?” with, hey, real interest in their voices!

I’m not even mocking them for it.  The rest of this campaign season may be an endless carnival of destruction, pain, and personal vendettas – but the smaller state/district/territorial parties must be having the time of their lives. Shoot, I should probably go over early Saturday and score an interview with these guys. Why not? It’s news.

2 thoughts on “Right about now, the District of Columbia Republican Party…”

  1. If you do keep a sharp lookout – they may be so starved for attention that they try to follow you home.

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