So, on to the next set.

March 22nd: American Samoa (I wonder if they’re gonna go uncommitted, because US Virgin Islands has a workable strategy, there), Arizona (that one is gonna be a fight), and Utah (that one will not). There’s also supposed to be a Fox News debate the night before in Salt Lake City, and I heartily encourage Donald Trump to follow through on his half-threat to embarrass Fox by not showing up. It’ll lock down Utah for sure and help a heck of a lot in Arizona, which is winner-take-all.

…What? Sorry, folks. This is where the slog really starts.

2 thoughts on “So, on to the next set.”

  1. It’s down the road some yet, but it’s time for me to figure out how to volunteer for Cruz in Indiana. Never imagined that our delegates would count for anything ever.

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