My RedState post on Ted Cruz at the border.

Found here. Short version: I don’t know whether Ted Cruz wins Arizona or not, but he’s giving it a shot. It’s a 2.5 man race at this point, so we’ll see?

5 thoughts on “My RedState post on Ted Cruz at the border.”

  1. If early voting wasn’t a thing, I think he’d have a real shot. Sadly, I think there’s probably too many wasted votes for defunct candidates already cast for a real challenge to Trump there. But strong finish has some PR value.

        1. The basic issue is that we don’t know how much the early voting favors Trump, although the smart bet is ‘a lot;’ but the two polls we have are before Rubio dropped out, and still give Trump only 31 and 37. That range was problematical for Trump at the best of times; in a 2.5 man race, where the main opponent is a sane immigration hawk? :spreading hands: …Danged if I know.

          Edit: Forgot the link, sorry.

  2. Sir,
    I am a hardcore immigration hawk.
    Donald Trump is too much of a New Yorker to have the concerns people in my region have about immigration. Texans are often evil on football, but there are good Texans, and Ted Cruz is one of them.
    An obstacle is not an obstacle unless it is covered by fire. We remember Cameron and the Alamo, and know what it takes to defend terrain.
    Donald Trump is a Mexican in his political and business customs, without even the good qualities that partly redeem real Mexicans. Ted Cruz, like me, hates the ways of Mexican government and wishes to abolish them from the United States.
    Respectfully yours,

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