Tweet of the Day, Sweet Lord In Heaven I HOPE We Wreck Cuba’s Nature edition.

It’s a Communist dictatorship!  By definition, Cuba’s current nature is horrible.  And, unless the Castro regime is unlike EVERY OTHER COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP IN HISTORY, the ecology of Cuba is equally horrible. If there’s any other upside to this current PR debacle* that the President’s engaged in, it’ll be watching the ecology mavens discover this for themselves…

Moe Lane

*There is an upside to this: it’s not a member of my political party who is making a fool of himself right now.

8 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Sweet Lord In Heaven I HOPE We Wreck Cuba’s Nature edition.”

  1. *Really* dumb question ..
    I seem to recall, at one point, that Cuba (or, more accurately, the Castro bros) weren’t cashing the U.S. checks that paid for the lease of Gitmo.
    Did that ever change, and *if so* .. what percentage of the Cuban economy does that payment represent?

  2. That article is so problematic, starting with the first sentence, which asserts that President Barrack Obama is going to Cuba.

    I’m pretty sure we’re not sending a house down there.

    1. Clearcutting trees for firewood has messed up the Hatian side of Hispanola some ..

  3. Some people, not calling out an ideology here, want for poor people to stay poor so they can go gawk at them on vacation. To those folks, Cuba just looks like a sort of Disneyland theme park of poor farms and villages. No nasty skyscrapers, no bustling streets. And cars from the ’50s.
    None of them GAS what this means to the folks that they want to preserve in amber. They will say “oh, they have free healthcare”, etc.
    Those are not good people.

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