And now, DISNEY WANTS YOUR MONEY, so here’s the Star Wars “Rogue One” trailer.

Yeah. Yeah, the Mouse sent out its crack teams of combat demographers to target YOUR cultural faction. They’ve delved deep into parts of your brain and psychology that you’re not even fully aware that you have, found the pressure points that are statistically valid across the entire sample size, and brought that data back. And then they apparently constructed an entire movie around it.

This is exactly what they do to kids. Which is good! Because now they’re pandering to me. I deserve this. Shoot, I have a list if they’d like a little feedback.

16 thoughts on “And now, DISNEY WANTS YOUR MONEY, so here’s the Star Wars “Rogue One” trailer.”

    1. Quibble. While Disney certainly understands how to separate fans from their money, remember that it was ol’ George and his then-buddy Steve Spielberg who taught Disney a master-level class in marketing tie-ins.
      Most of the profits from the Episode IV came from the merchandise, a thang Disney has taken to heart.

  1. Well, this is just before episode 4, so unless you actually see the characters in episode 4-6, don’t expect any of the characters to survive.

    1. After all, many Bothans died to get the Rebel Alliance the readouts on that battle station.

  2. When I see the exploding shuttle on the tropical planet I think:
    “Stormtroopers don’t surf!”

  3. Mr. Mouse makes Emperor Palpatine look like Anne of Green Gables.
    *I now have a loop of Darth Vader saying “I have you now,” and “Join the Dark Side” in Mickey’s voice.
    It is remarkably disturbing.

  4. All we need now is the original trilogy on DVD, Blu Ray and digital download, on demand and without apology for Han shooting first.

    1. We have been watching old movies. Watched The Dirty Dozen last night. Just great fun. Then, not sure why, I watched Earnest Borgnine (who played the general) in an add on Making of the Movie sort of thing.

      YEARS later he was apologizing for Clint Walker’s character (Posey, a huge gentle giant — except if he was pushed around– mountain man that couldn’t read) putting grenades down the air vents of the secure Nazi high ups bomb shelter — because that could be disturbing.

      If you all remember, the Dirty Dozen was doing this deed to disturb the Nazi high command right before D-Day.

      Losing D-day would have been disturbing.

      LONG WAY AROUND: You GO Han!

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