Big shakeup in the Trump campaign.

As the Tweet below reveals: campaign manager Lewandowski has been neutered, and Paul Manafort has been elevated. Which means that the Trump campaign will stop being about trying to win races and start being about trying to protect delegates. Which is probably their smartest move, but it’s not necessarily ‘smart’ as an objective benchmark.

Couple this with the news that Trump is retrenching like heck in order to try to dominate the New York race, and it’s clear that his campaign is taking a defensive strategy. Do not be surprised if he starts spending his own money to blanket New York with ads. Heck, be surprised if Trump does not.

Moe Lane

PS: A buddy of mine aptly described what’s going on in New York right now: “Ted Cruz is gambling with the house’s money.” Which is to say: Cruz doesn’t need to win New York to get the nomination, and he doesn’t even need to pull delegates out of it (although it’d be great if he and/or Kasich does). But every delegate Cruz can grab hurts Trump.

3 thoughts on “Big shakeup in the Trump campaign.”

  1. Per Roger Stein , I thought they were just going to beat up any delegate that didn’t vote for T .

  2. Eh. Trump moved a couple Overton windows that I happen to care very much about, and was otherwise an ass. I .. pretty much expect that from New Yorkers, though, so .. par for the course.
    Whether I miss him or not depends very much on whether the gutless turd wing of the GOP *keeps* the windows moved, eh?

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