BTW, New York voter registration is absolutely screwed up.

I was going to write this up on RedState, but streiff beat me to it. Let me sum up the situation as follows:

Essentially, if you’re not a Republican, you’re not voting in the Republican NY primary.  The thing is, though: New York has fusion voting, which means that candidates can run under multiple party ‘lines’ and combine the totals. The practical result from is that minor parties thrive in New York (almost 30% of voters). The only drawback to it, from the voters’ point of view, is that the system breaks down when you do Presidential primaries – but, hey! When was the last time the New York Presidential primary mattered at all in an election cycle?


Moe Lane

PS: I have absolutely no idea if anybody’s explained this yet to the likely winner of New York (who will still probably win NY), no. Or to his acolytes.  I kind of hope not; I’d love to see his reaction.

3 thoughts on “BTW, New York voter registration is absolutely screwed up.”

  1. This primary season has been a real educational experience. I wonder if Trump’s campaign has found out about this yet, my guess is probably not. Should be fun to watch him blow a gasket when he does.

  2. One would think he’d have some knowledge of it given he’s from NY, but who knows with him.

    1. Possibly not, to be fair. This is legit confusing to everybody because it never came up before and nobody got told about it ahead of time.

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