Surprise development in Colorado-05!

No, not that Ted Cruz got all three delegates there.  It’s what happened in the Colorado-05 Congressional race.

This means that Calandra Vargas will face off Doug Lamborn in the June primary, and be at the top of the list.  CO-05 is R+15, so even if there’s a disaster on the Presidential ticket after all the winner of this primary should still be OK. A buddy of mine was at the CO-05 thing, and he told me that Vargas sounded smart and passionate, and spoke well – and is apparently not affiliated with Trump, which would have been a deal-breaker right there. So keep an eye on this race.

6 thoughts on “Surprise development in Colorado-05!”

  1. CO-05 is Colorado Springs, Fort Carson, and points west. It’s the most conservative district in the state, and Vargas’s profile fits nicely. Worked for Mitt Romney back when he was a thing.
    Living in CO-04, I’m interested but not directly affected. Definitely one to watch.

    1. That’s what I was thinking. I thought Lamborn was one of the good ones.

      1. I’m generally in favor of having good primary challengers for our incumbents. I just don’t talk about it because *generally* I don’t like to get involved in primaries at all.

        And yes, I bitterly resent having to take a side in the national one.

        1. I look at taking sides in the primaries as part of the civic responsibility thang ..
          I get that you feel you need to take a higher road, and I respect it .. as for myself, taking shots at some of the retired-in-place can’t-tell-the-party-without-the-label drones is a Good Thang, and I’m gonna keep on.

    2. He has always talked a good game, but except for dealing with Fort Carson, etc. he has been a puppet of Boehner and now Ryan. Last year was the last time he had a town hall in our city. Normally we get a weeks notice so that we can have a crowd for him. This time we got less than 24 hours. The fact that the TEA Party runs the county Republican Party may have had something to do with it.

      That move actually worked against him. Only TEA party types showed up. He talked for 45 minutes and allowed 30 minutes for questions. He got hit hard for voting differently than he talked, with cites of the specific votes. He was almost breaking out crying as he claimed that the rules of how the Federal government runs changed when Obama took office, and how no one could oppose him. We were under the impression that the Constitution technically still was valid.

      I admit that I was very pleased to hear about Calandra Vargas, as the last I heard there was no one left running against him.

      As far as I am concerned, Lamborn has to go. And I usually was a delegate to the CO-5 convention for him, including the time that the Party tried to rig it against him and made him petition onto the primary ballot [his second or third term].

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