The ‘Magnificent Seven’ remake teaser trailer.

OK, this trailer did its job. I started off by saying Really? REALLY?

But I will admit, it made me take it seriously by the end. For given values of ‘seriously,’ considering that there’s going to be a lot of 19th Century heavy weapons fire in this flick.  Which isn’t really what I’d call a problem, but then I have simple tastes in movies.  Besides, it’s not like the original movies set out to be iconic cinema legends, either. …Well, maybe the Kurosawa flick did. It’s the sort of thing people argue about, I gather.

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5 thoughts on “The ‘Magnificent Seven’ remake teaser trailer.”

    1. Same here. Didn’t seem like him during the entire interaction with the woman and I could only hear his distinctive voice when he talked to Pratt.

  1. Now for my money , doing Mac Cathy’s Blood Meridian would bring some really excellent heavy firearms to the silver screen , the Walker Colt in .44 and in the bargain you get The Judge . As to ‘money’ and movies and firearms , The Unforgiven has a firearm subplot of some quality .

  2. No. Just No. This is NOT The Magnificent Seven. Neither is it the Seven Samurai.

    Did A Bug’s Life call it The Seven Samurai? Did Galaxy Quest call it The Magnificent Seven? Did The Three Amigos call it The Seven Magnificent Samurai? No. All enjoyable movies. All variations on the theme. But NOT the actual theme. What the heck with this new movie erroneously named The Magnificent Seven?

    Now, if they had called this new movie Mary Sue Saves Her Village, I could enjoy it. But not if you call it The Magnificent Seven. Because this is NOT that.

  3. Well, for throwing a bunch of stars into a western, I’m sure it will be more enjoyable than “The Hateful Eight”.

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