Tweet of the Day, Carly Fiorina Has An Excellent Backhand edition.

And, really: what the heck is Donald Trump gonna be able to say in response?

3 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Carly Fiorina Has An Excellent Backhand edition.”

  1. This is why Carly is such a good pick for VP at this particular moment: Donald Trump is scared (maybe even terrified) of strong, smart women and he tends to react , shall we say, inappropriately. Fiorina doesn’t need to go out of her way to bait him, but she will have plenty of opportunities to do so and eventually Trump will be Trump.

    1. She’s a very good spokesperson, but she’s still never held office before, and I still don’t see how her being on the ticket would make anyone vote for Ted that wasn’t going to already either in the primaries or the general.

      1. Have to disagree here. When Carly was running, I heard from a *lot* of people that she was their second choice candidate. So even though she only got one delegate (iirc), she was still apparently quite popular.

        And you don’t have to have held office to be VP. It’s not *that* hard to attend funerals, after all…

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