Today is Victims of Communism Day.

Oh, I know that the Marxists revere it as ‘May Day,’ but let’s be honest. Deliberately killing somewhere between eighty and a hundred million people as part of your ideology should be automatically disqualifying when it comes to who gets to assign holidays. Certainly Communism’s victims would like to have a vote…

2 thoughts on “Today is Victims of Communism Day.”

  1. We’ve been fighting this battle for >100 years. Amazing how many still minimize their crimes.

    1. We have to keep talking about it. People forget or choose to forget. Some people aren’t comfortable taking charge of their lives and having that kind of responsibility so they crave this crazy utopia where everyone is in charge of everything supposedly, while the person they are picking to take us there (HRC) is a perfect example of why this kind of govt isn’t a good idea. Selfish criminal.

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