Tweet of the Day, LAUGH A-WHILE YOU CAN, MONKEY BOY!!!!! edition.

If you don’t love Buckaroo Banzai I’m… sorry. I’m so very, very sorry for you. I wouldn’t enjoy living under that burden. Anyway, here’s your bit of surrealism for the day:

Apparently somebody at MGM is just the right kind of insane to look around and say “If I can’t use my powers to finally get that Buckaroo Banzai sequel made in some form, then why the Hell am I even here?” I salute that mad, gallant MGM executive.  It’ll still take a few miracles to get the show on the air, but at least somebody tried.

(Via @MonteJCook)

11 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, LAUGH A-WHILE YOU CAN, MONKEY BOY!!!!! edition.”

  1. I’m still waiting for an explanation about that water mellon. Perhaps we’ll finally get answers.

  2. It was so easy for people to dismiss that movie as camp in the day. But it was great fun. Just the right mix of tongue-in-cheek with action. And the cast for it was absurd. Half of those actors became stars, and you had John Lithgow as the villain, going full gonzo mode.

    Ahh, the 80s. Good times.

    1. Hopefully he’s just producing, and will leave the directing to those who still remember how to be funny.

  3. I agree…great movie. Very camp even when released. I saw it on a double bill with The Philadelphia Experiment. Lithgow made a great villain, but so did the other “Johns” …I hope Kevin Smith does not f it up….

  4. Wow. Got snowed in a motel in St Paul over a weekend back in the middle 80s. The motel ran out of food (and even BEER for pete’s sake). The in-house video was Buckaroo Banzai. Must’ve seen it six or ten times that weekend. What started out strange became strangely compelling after the fourth or eighth viewing.

    But I just know they’d screw up a remake or sequel. “They” always seem to.

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