Dang *straight* Chris Evans wouldn’t do that.

I mean, I recognize that comic book companies are going to pull dubious PR stunts sometimes, but the rest of us aren’t obliged to let them [pretend that it’s fine and dandy to do so].

Moe Lane

PS: Randy Milholland has the right take on this: if this bugs you, stop buying the comic. They understand the implications of nobody buying the comic, particularly if the movies are spontaneously generating oceans of cash. Complaints they won’t care about. Lack of revenues, they will.

4 thoughts on “Dang *straight* Chris Evans wouldn’t do that.”

  1. Well, I’m not buying it.
    But I haven’t bought a Captain America comic in a long, long time. (And even if I had, I’d have already been boycotting it over portraying the Tea Party as racist.)

  2. Stopped buying monthly comics back when Civil War was a hamfisted annual event (the B-line cosmic event that ran in parallel was much better!).

    I wish people luck with this strategy: it has the best chance of working, really. I don’t think it will work, but I doubt Internet ranting will, either.

    Disney seems content to be pretty hands-off with Marvel’s print business, and I suspect the short-term gains will be enough to obscure any long-term losses until the next stupid gimmick rolls around. Unless Disney changes their mind, I expect this situation to continue until Marvel’s audience is nothing but a small number of rubberneckers watching the train wreck.

    Ironically, the best thing Marvel might be able to do for their books would probably be a Crisis on Infinite Earths-style continuity reset to bring everything in line with the MCU–combined with an editorial house-cleaning to do the same. They could probably retain the current continuity as a side line or something, rather like the situation with the Ultimate line in reverse.

    I don’t see that happening (and, if it did, I see no way it would ever be made to stick), but it seems like a better route than the dead-horse-flogging they’re currently engaged in.

  3. Well, I gave up on Marvel a few months after Jack Kirby left, so it’s been awhile.

  4. True, Chris Evans wouldn’t do that. Neither would Captain America. And if Marvel thinks otherwise, then they are cordially invited to gargle bleach and die.

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