What I learned today: there are two kinds of angel dust.

If you’re an American, at the very least, it’s a hallucinogenic drug that makes you prone to go crazy and forget the safety tolerances on your joints, muscles, and vital organs.  If you’re in Europe, it’s apparently just a growth hormone that still should not be in your cows.  Which is… arguably still better, right?  I mean, why would anybody want to make a cow freak out and go on a drug-soaked rampage?


Don’t answer that.

Via Fark.

3 thoughts on “What I learned today: there are two kinds of angel dust.”

  1. I knew someone that described PCP as follows: it makes you feel like you’re partying with Jesus and the angels, but if anything annoys you, you have the overwhelming urge to pound the living $&*#!% out of it so that it can never ever ever bother you ever again.

  2. There was an amusing song by Larry Rand at the time of the last Angel Dust popularity… entitled “Dust Up His Nose” to the tune of a familiar Kansas song.

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