Tweet of the Day, You Know Why You Can’t Play As George Lucas in LEGO: SWTFA? edition.

That’s right, they couldn’t lick that “immediately start giggling and run George Lucas straight off of the nearest chasm. Over and over and over again” bug.  Real tricky one, that. On the bright side: instant DLC, am I right?

4 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, You Know Why You Can’t Play As George Lucas in LEGO: SWTFA? edition.”

  1. Cute, but I do wish they’d wait on the lionization of Abrams until we see how a few more of these play out. Ep 7 was the balm a wounded fan base needed, but it was far from perfect and benefits hugely from comparisons to the prequels. His StarTrek started off strong too, then augured into the ground with “In to Darkness”.

    also, things were better back in my day, get off my lawn, etc. etc…

    1. It was a pretty low bar to step over. I think it holds up as an ‘ok’ movie. I still have issues with how strong Rey is (or how weak Kylo Ren was.) Note: I was going to list other quibbles, but that is not my point.

      I am hoping that he thought he needed a ‘playing it safe’ movie to show the studio and the general population that it could still be done as an enjoyable film.

      If he goes into “Into Darkness” territory and feels the need to rehash covered ground, while it will still be better than the prequels, it will be a missed opportunity.

  2. In this post, on the home page, there is a little blue ‘more’ link, which is always a treat because it mean more commentary from Moe to follow.

    Your link lied to me.

  3. That’s a shame. Most fun I have with Lego City is jumping into one of the tiny smart cars and driving them into buildings until they explode. Makes the kids laugh…although they do get a little nervous when we see one on the road now.

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