The DC comics crossover that your 80s cartoon-watching self will love.

ThunderCats/He-Man.  This may be epic. I was Team ThunderCats, myself; my wife is Team He-Man… or, more accurately, Team She-Ra.  Although I, like the rest of my ever-so-sophisticated friends, was officially ‘too old’ to watch ThunderCats.  Nope, we didn’t watch that show.  Not us. Neither did we watch Transformers, GI JOE, or The Real Ghostbusters, either. Or, sure, those shows may have been on while we were home, but that was completely a coincidence.

Ayup. Total coincidence.

Moe Lane

PS: No, we could all admit to watching Star Blazers, G-Force, and Voltron.  Those were anime.  That was allowed.

5 thoughts on “The DC comics crossover that your 80s cartoon-watching self will love.”

  1. I was most certainly the target demo for all of those. Star Blazers was juuuuuust a tad ahead of my time and didn’t get rerun in my area much. Robotech was what all the cool kids watched… ok, it was mostly just me.

  2. I was a He-Man fanatic when I was a kid…before the cartoons (He-Man was the first toy line to use a cartoon for marketing). After the cartoons, I was still a He-Man fanatic, but I separated my Eternia from the universe of the cartoons. I was also a Thundercats fan, but didn’t get into the toys.

    I watched Star Blazers, Transformers, Go-Bots (which sucked), M.A.S.K…never liked Inspector Gadget, though. I was a shameless nerd. I didn’t much care about what other people thought.

  3. No love for the Galaxy Rangers? He-Man was just a little too goofy and a little too moralizing. But count me on Team Thundercats and MASK.

    1. I recall the toys being pretty cool. He-Man was goofy and moralizing, but somehow, that worked for me. The second series was slightly less goofy, but retained the morality aspect.

      Anyone remember Bionic Six?

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