Esoterrorists’ Worldbreaker update.

OK, real quick: The Esoterrorists is Pelgrane Press’s and Robin Laws’ relentlessly excellent investigative horror-conspiracy RPG (noteworthy in that the conspiracy running counter-occult actions is neither sociopathic, nor stupid); and Worldbreaker is an upcoming sourcebook for running a globe-trotting, full-bore stop-the-Apocalypse campaign.  Apparently it’s almost ready for the printers.  Which means that it should hopefully drop before the end of the year.

Pelgrane Press likes to do these mega-campaign books, and I have a bunch of them: Eternal Lies for Trail of Cthulhu springs to mind, and of course The Dracula Dossier for Night’s Black Agents.  I like ’em: they’re typically stuffed to the gills with useful or interesting stuff, and even if you don’t use one as a campaign frame you can still mine the book for ideas.  So you’re going to pay out some cash for this one – I’m assuming a fifty buck price tag – but they’re not going to stint on the portions. Worth the price, in other words.