Shadowrun 3e dropping in two different Bundle of Holding…s.

Broken down into Shadowrun Essentials and Shadowrun Sprawl. I may skip this one – I’m getting kind of backed up on PDFs – but as I understand it Third Edition Shadowrun still has quite the fan base. ┬áSo if you were looking to start/improve your collection, now’s the time…

One thought on “Shadowrun 3e dropping in two different Bundle of Holding…s.”

  1. Part of me really wants to get the Fat Dragon terrain set bundle. But (1) I haven’t been able to find a continuing game, so I don’t have anywhere to use them. (2) I’d have to go buy a new printer, since my current one is broken and I’ve been going elsewhere to print the one or two pages I need a year. (3) I’ve got an absurd amount of craft projects piled up already that I’m not doing.

    But, man, it looks cool.

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