Fake human sacrifice at CERN, or sophisticated coverup? …OK, it’s the latter.

For the record: I actually know that this CERN human sacrifice video thing is, indeed, a fake. But if it wasn’t a fake, this is the way to do what the Esoterrorists RPG calls a veil-out:

Come up with a plausible mundane explanation of the video, establish that it’s an internal disciplinary matter instead of an external one, and most importantly, don’t make a big deal about it.  If you’re covering up an actual successful ritual human sacrifice at a symbolically-powerful place on a symbolically-important site, this would be the way to do it.  People running horror games, take note.  People playing in horror games, likewise.

6 thoughts on “Fake human sacrifice at CERN, or sophisticated coverup? …OK, it’s the latter.”

  1. I could see George Noory and Coast to Coast AM going *wild* over this.

    Back in the day, Art Bell would have *definitely* ran with it.

    I miss Art. His show was gloriously out there.

  2. Considering the risk they run at CERN of imploding the entire universe, the occasional human sacrifice makes sense from a metaphysical standpoint.

  3. The boys at CERN must already have a pretty dark sense of humor if they’ve got a statue of Shiva out front.

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