So, Angela Lansbury on Game of Thrones?

Well, that should be entertaining. What? No, I don’t watch the show. I am not exactly certain what the point of the show is supposed to be at this point – and no, thank you, I don’t need an explanation – and the older I get, the less I am entranced with gratuitous.  No, what appeals here are the potential mashups, splices, and general unblinking disbelief at the sight of Jessica Fletcher* no-doubt being literally drenched in blood on at least one occasion, and very possibly set on fire. Should be a thing.

Moe Lane

*Although she’s always going to be Eleanor Iselin to me.

11 thoughts on “So, Angela Lansbury on Game of Thrones?”

  1. I predict another James Cromwell Babe–>LA Confidential success. Looking forward to it!

  2. The writers have got to insert some sort of reference to poisoned dragon’s liver for her. Because yes, despite the many roles I’ve seen her in, she’s always Eglantine Price to me.

  3. While the first thing that comes to mind for me is always Murder, She Wrote, I also remember her role in The Court Jester with a great deal of mirth. The young Jessica Lansbury was a bit of a looker.

  4. I’m of the age where Murder, She Wrote was already in reruns and her contemporary work was as the voice of Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast. So yeah, kind of hard to picture her in something as brutal as I understand Game of Thrones to be.

  5. I am going to have to go with the Bedknobs and Broomsticks crowd.

    And as far as the Game of Thrones, I read a few of the books, trying to see if there was a general point. I stopped reading and will not touch the show when I figured out what it was.

    1. I really liked the first one, and found the third even better.
      But two and four were pretty “meh”.
      And the less said about five, the better. (Not a fan of torture porn.)
      That said, I watched the first episode of the show, and that was quite enough.
      Part of it was the squick factor of having perversions only hinted at in the books enthusiastically and gratuitously rubbed in your face.
      But as much of it was that Winterfell and the weirwood trees were the most described things in the books, but the depictions didn’t even get close, despite both obviously being CGI!
      I think a lot of the fun of the first one was seeing the various interpretations of Wars of the Roses players dropped into a box and shaken up. Tyrion is obviously Richard. But so is Stanis. And likely Eddard.

      1. Torture porn is a good way to put it, but I think the problem goes deeper.

        Martin seems to want to show that the natural state of man is pretty much that any nobility will be crushed. Any innocence will be defiled. Everyone betrays. Everyone loses heart. When the father of Braveheart’s Robert the Bruce seems to be writing your story, well you might have some issues.

        This is a larger problem I have with a lot of modern depictions of the heart of man under stress. Walking Dead is another. Where do these guys think society at large came from? Where do they think that the concepts of Love, Honor, Duty, Courage, Brotherhood came from?

  6. My first thought was an incoherent cry of horror at the prospect of seeing Angela Lansbury without clothes.

  7. You know, as remake crazy as Hollywood is, why not redo Bedknobs and Broomsticks? A strong older female main character role, Nazis are the main villain, find a few child actor urchin types, throw in some computer effects, and boom! Movie. Might run into China’s no ghosts wall though.

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