Hey, anybody out there play “Crusader Kings II?”

Somebody was raving online about Crusader Kings II, but forty bucks is a bit much to spend on a game that was made in 2012.  Anybody out there play it? Should I at least wait until it hits Steam Sale?

3 thoughts on “Hey, anybody out there play “Crusader Kings II?””

  1. Yes. You should play this. You like hostory, you like alternate history. You will enjoy this game. That said, find a steam sale, because, by this point, there are so many expansions that genuinely expand gameplay that you’ll get sucked into them (12 expansions, 11 of which are worth getting, not counting various graphical and music packs).

    Just don’t spend too much time on the forums, or you’ll be regularly drawn into conversations about the best way to kill your king, your kid, and how to reliably seduce your sister.

  2. Yes, it is definitely worth the buy (although hold out for the steam sale, as above.) You can do pretty much anything. Want to restore the Roman empire? You can do that. Want to defeat the mongols with the resurrected Romans, or the Swedes, Welsh? You can do that. Want to preserve the crusader kingdom of Jerusalem? Then, once you are done, you can import your save into Europa Universalis, then take your Rome, or Jerusalem into the enlightenment (although Rome, at least, is massively overpowered in that game. Kind of the nature of the beast, since one of the requirements of restoring Rome is conquering all roman territory as Byzantium, INCLUDING all the high water territories.)

    The Sunset Invasion can also be a lot of fun since the far western kingdoms miss out on a lot of the fun of the Mongol invasions. Nothing like playing as Spain and having warring Aztecs from across the ocean invade and start sacrificing all of your citizenry.

    Also be aware, the learning curve can be quite… steep.

    Watch out for some of the special events. The creepy child can be a bit of an issue that might disrupt your plans just as they are coming to full flower.

    Also, it is by far one of the best games for consuming time ever created by the hand of man.

  3. Steam has regularly had this game (and its enormous collection of DLC) on sale, often 75% off.

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