Operation HATRACK MELANCHOLY [Esoterrorists]

(The following non-commercial, fan-created material is meant for use with the Esoterrorists RPG.  The Esoterrorists is a Trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd.)

Blame this.

File HATRACK MELANCHOLY: for the last year and a half, local Esoterrorist cells throughout the United States engaged in a series of bizarre, yet not immediately obviously dangerous, operations. A low-ranking Esoterrorist would travel to a locale several hours away from her* regular base of operations (presumably to keep the Order from tracking her) and surreptitiously install placards, notices, and/or at least one small statue in public, but out-of-the-way, locations.  In all cases, the material commemorated distressing events that did not happen, or made bizarre and subtly alarming allegations that were not true, or were simply loaded down with Esoterrorist-significant keywords and imagery.

These behaviors were originally missed by OV observers primarily because, to date, they have not affected the membrane: not every unpleasant event or artifact results in supernatural harm, and there is no evidence that any harm has been inflicted here.  An OV surveillance team had, through sheer chance, come across a low-level Esoterrorist engaged in this behavior; and once the Order knew what to look for we  were able to run real-time observations on selected operations and the aftermath.  And we found… nothing. There was a definite flicker in the membrane when one of the artifacts placed at the various sites were found for the first time, but it was barely above the level that people get when they see a squirrel that was hit by a car.  Transitory spikes, nothing more.

It is not safe to assume that a country-wide Esoterrorist scheme is simply an extended mistake, however. Our enemies have some sort of plan in mind, and if we cannot determine it, we must investigate further. At the same time, HATRACK MELANCHOLY could be an elaborate disinformation exercise, so sending a single team for a preliminary investigation makes logistical sense.  If there is a larger problem – one legitimately beyond the capacity of your investigation team – you are ordered to break contact and call in a full support or strike force, as appropriate. Your objective checklist:

  • Choose a confirmed low-level Esoterrorist involved in HATRACK MELANCHOLY activities (a list of candidates will be provided for you)
  • Shadow and investigate your target in order to determine the reason for her activities
  • Examine the site and compare with known existing HATRACK MELANCHOLY sites to determine if they have anything in common
  • Take note of and report for later action any additional Esoterrorist activities encountered (do not investigate unless a human being is in immediate risk of physical or spiritual death)
  • If there is a membrane breach situation, secure the area, call for assistance, and stabilize the situation to the best of your abilities
  • Prepare the scene for a veil-out, if necessary

Investigators are also reminded that, at this present time, there is no indication of significant laws being broken. This means that there is no existing justification for the peremptory use of violence and/or lethal force against even known Esoterrorist assets.  Self-defense is permitted, but deliberate confrontations in the hope of triggering a violent response are not.
*The individuals involved were invariably women.  The significance to this, if any, is not known.

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  1. Your operation code name reminds me of Ivanova’s word salad attempt at Minbari…

      1. I was kind of hoping to encounter a reference to Alvin Maker.
        (If you’re not familiar, a series by Orson Scott Card, based on the semi-mythical frontier of about 200 years ago. The first book is Hatrack River.)

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