Proposed: forget Bitcoin. What we need is BEERcoin.

In three denominations: Bad Beer, A Beer, and Good Beer. You need A Beer as the base currency (equal to “One job that I don’t mind spending an hour on anyway), obviously: and most people can agree on Good Beer, so that’s the higher denomination. But Bad Beer has a place in this, too: while there is a general consensus on Good Beer, there is not one on Bad Beer. SOMEBODY’S always going to be happy to drink it. So you would accept Bad BEERcoin as a kind of speculative currency: you might be able to trade it with somebody who would consider your Bad Beer to be Good Beer. Pretty elegant, if I do say so myself.


What’s that? “What’s it like to make economists scream in agony at the sheer ignorance of it all?” Kind of fun, really. Why do you ask?

Moe Lane

PS: If this ever takes off, I want 1% of the gross. In Good BEERcoin.

4 thoughts on “Proposed: forget Bitcoin. What we need is BEERcoin.”

  1. There are two kinds of beer, and only two:
    Free Beer
    Cold Beer
    Free beer is more valuable; because you can always make a free beer cold.

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