Item Seed: Quit-rents (Bookhounds of London)

Quit-rents (Bookhounds of London)

The British Crown has what appears to be a quaint custom of accepting ‘quit rents,’ or nominal rents for various properties.  And by ‘nominal’ we mean ‘symbolic:’ there’s one territory in Shropshire (exact location unknown) whose yearly rent is a dull billhook and a sharp axe.  It’s all very traditional and whimsical and has no real bearing on the world, of course…

…unless you are in a Trail of Cthulhu / Bookhounds of London campaign featuring Megapolisomancy, of course.  In that case, any item ceremoniously used in a quit rent ritual becomes the mobile equivalent of a place of power, of a potency that’s roughly equivalent to how long that particular item has been used in a quit rent ritual.  Actually being able to use the item in question may be more problematical, however: it boggles the mind to imagine that, if Megapolisomancy exists as an occult discipline, the British government would be ignorant of it. Or that it would be ignorant of the power that can reside in symbolic artifacts so occultly associated with the British Crown. Steal one of these items at your own risk… and at your party’s own risk, depending on how vengeful the Tower Ravens are feeling that day.

What’s that? Actual Tower Ravens, or merely an organization that takes that name?  Given that nobody’s ever come back from a confrontation with them: does it really matter?

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