So the electrical socket AND the keyboard both stopped working.

Which meant that, after we moved the kids’ computer across the room, realized that the sofa had to be moved, moved the sofa, moved the grumpy cat, went down to the basement, brought up the desk that we we’ve been meaning to bring up for three months, sorted out the wires, rewired the computer, banged my effing head on the effing desk draw three times running, realized that the little item in one USB port was actually there for the wireless, and had everything up and running… the keyboard STILL wouldn’t operate and we’ve gone through all the spares already.¬†Guess it’s off to Best Buy in the morning, then. ¬†Just as soon as I spent forty minutes in a steam room to clear out the dust clog currently blocking my nasal passages.

Shorter Moe Lane: WHEE!

8 thoughts on “So the electrical socket AND the keyboard both stopped working.”

    1. Yep. I had a very nice wireless keyboard once, then someone (statute of me being very pissed off has expired, so .. Junior Cat, in the middle of an XBOX frenzy) spilled honey barbecue sauce all over it.
      To his credit, he did try to hide the blame by wiping it down, but .. it got under half the keys, and stayed sticky for *months* after ..
      I eventually threw it in a box, then we moved, then we moved again, and I haven’t seen it since.

        1. Cherry Blue switches, for the win.
          You don’t need a Das. (Want? Hell yes! Need? No.) You can get a solid mechanical keyboard for 50 bucks or less.

          1. Cherry Blues are great if you want to piss off all your coworkers.

            I got a keyboard with Browns, which are much more friendly to the ears of neighbors. Then I picked up a gaming keyboard for home, which turned out to have Reds, and I think I like those even better.

  1. I still have several PC AT keyboards that I picked up for $1 each. Those suckers are usable as weapons if need be.

    1. I bought a box full of model M keyboards in the 90s, and used them for years, but none of my systems have a keyboard port anymore. So these days I use a das keyboard pro, with the same clicky keys.

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