Arrival: Go/No-Go?

I was kind of not going to go see it in theaters, and then people whose judgement I take seriously started raving about how awesome it was. Come, I will conceal nothing from you: I like to see my spaceships blowing up stuff, or else being blown up.  I have absolutely nothing against a film like Arrival, but something in this genre has got to be really good before I’ll watch it in theaters. Was it?

2 thoughts on “Arrival: Go/No-Go?”

  1. The concept is good and the twist was quite unexpected. I thought that the pacing was slow – glacial in some parts – but your mileage may vary.

  2. Without spoiling it .. it’s, as Brian noted, a very good concept .. I’ll say one that’s *unusually* good for Hollywood.
    The twist was, indeed, unexpected .. but makes sense of the whole film ..
    It’s .. yeah, nothing actually *blows up* .. but .. it kinda doesn’t need to for the film to work.
    I do suggest seeing it with Mrs. Lane, who may appreciate the more cerebral and cerebellum-bending concepts.

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