And the running-around has started!

Schedule got completely warped by the battery thing, of course.  The best part of today was when we realized that we forgot to get dry cat food for the cat this weekend. So, of course I told my wife Sure, I’ll go to the supermarket.  On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. At night.


This was not the smartest thing that I have ever done, obviously.  I mean, it wasn’t a disaster – that one person didn’t actually try to strangle that other person who hadn’t seen the half-aisle long line for the self-checkout kiosks – but oh, dear.   The cashier for my purchase stopped dead cold afterward and said This was the easiest transaction I’ve done all day.  It’s a shame we don’t have tip jars for supermarket cashiers, because I would have given her one for that alone.

Driving tomorrow.  Yay!

4 thoughts on “And the running-around has started!”

  1. I feel for ya. To rephrase an Internet mem, One does not simply walk into a supermarket the evening before Thanksgiving.

    That said, I am thankful that my job and my family allow us to live in a town of about 2,500 people, where even a crazy-busy night at the supermarket isn’t that bad of a thing (say, compared with Los Angeles, where I lived in the ’90s).

    Hope the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend goes a little more smoothly.

  2. Tried to go to CostCo yesterday afternoon and this morning – turned around and went hone when I saw the lines of cars waiting to get into the parking lot. Nothing vital was needed, so I was merely mildly annoyed.

  3. Did grocery shopping today (as usual for Wednesday). It mostly was not bad, though parking was more full than usual.


    Until my last stop, which was getting to be right about 5pm. Can confirm very long lines for the self-checkout kiosks (thankfully got in line just before it got really bad, though).

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