Billy Dee Williams to play Two-Face in Lego Batman.

Yeah, this one takes me back: I had completely forgotten that Billy Dee Williams had played Harvey Dent in the Tim Burton Batman.  Which I haven’t watched for, like, forever.  I’m kind of afraid to. I remember liking it, and if I never see it again I won’t have to update that particular memory file, and I don’t want to update that particular memory file.  It was bad enough watching the old GI JOE cartoons as an adult, and being horrified at the bad animation…

Anyway. BDW will be voicing Two-Face in the Lego Batman flick, which I will not see in theaters but likely will see ten million times the week after it hits home video.  I know these things, you see.  I am psychic that way…

Moe Lane

PS: Yeah, I was kind of peeved that he wasn’t in Force Awakens, too.  I hope that this will be rectified in future films…

5 thoughts on “Billy Dee Williams to play Two-Face in Lego Batman.”

  1. I remember not being particular impressed by the first Tim Burton Batman movie. Hopefully it won’t get me barred from here to say I’ve never been the biggest Tim Burton fan to start with. And while Michael Keaton did a pretty good job of submersing himself in the Batman role,
    Jack Nicholson really only has one role that he ever plays.


    As for TFA, that was already too much of a “we’re getting the band back together” movie, so I’m glad they didn’t drag out every (still alive) ancillary character they could.

  2. Speaking of Bad animation, have you seen the BBC America cartoon Dr. Who, The Power of the Daleks?

    1. Why yes, yes I have.
      I’m not sure I’d call it “bad”, though. If you watch some of the other Patrick Troughton episodes that have survived, they have his style, the set designs, etc. etc. down pretty well .. that is to say clunky.
      I’m also *guessing* that somewhere over 80% of the animation is actually computer generated, because the Beeb have been messing with that kind of thing for a while now, but .. that means more of it than I’d like may fall into “uncanny valley” territory.
      So .. yeah, it’s not for everyone, but .. since the episode otherwise *cannot* be broadcast – because they have the audio track, but the visual track is straight up gone – I’ll take it.

  3. I find it mostly holds up as entertainment. Burton’s pathologies are mostly under control, the film has a surrealist feel to it without devolving in to complete camp, the actors fit their roles and do well. On the downside, the costumes are a bit of a mixed bag and the special effects are often unconvincing and without charm.

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