Tweet of the Day, …Hold Up A Second edition.

This is a really good point.  Not to mention, a somewhat glaring plot hole.  One you’d think that George Lucas would have tried to fix with twenty minutes of clunky dialog and heavy use of railroading… oh, wait, am I still bitter?


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  1. If you contort yourself enough when looking at enough mirrors, you can probably find a point of view where this is true.
    For instance: Perhaps Obi-Wan was having discussions with an Anakin what was the product of his imagination/delusions, or a lingering fragment of Anakin that could break through Vader and project itself through the Force. That Anakin could have told Obi-Wan that he wanted Luke to have his lightsaber when he was old enough.

    1. Or perhaps Obi-Wan decided it’d be a good way to get Luke to follow him around some.
      I was sufficiently repulsed by the alleged episodes 1-3 that I never did look *closely* at whether the light saber Obi-Wan said “was your father’s” was the same one Anakin lost in the lava-battle…
      Given how dishonest .. okay, *selectively ethical* Obi-Wan decided to be about other things, perhaps he just knocked it out on a lazy Saturday?

  2. Perhaps the ‘good man’ that Anakin betrayed and murdered was the one that told Obi-Wan to give his light saber to his son.

  3. Yes, come to think of it the Jedi version of good and evil is very ‘Disney.’

    Obi-Wan just lied to Luke for a greater cause. What’re you going to tell him? “Your Dad’s a megalomaniacal cyborg voice who would blow this planet up if he knew I was here. Oh yeah, and he used that lightsaber to kill about 200 kids just before you were born. Try it out. How does it feel? Got any urges to rule the galaxy?”

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