So, Monster Trucks is coming out on Friday…

…and I will repeat what I said earlier: it might not actually suck.

I mean, my kids will undoubtedly love Monster Trucks when it ends up on Netflix, which means that I’ll be watching it seventeen billion times anyway.  I might as well hope for the best, right? Roll with the punches, and all that.  I wonder how the reviews will go?

3 thoughts on “So, Monster Trucks is coming out on Friday…”

  1. I’m thankful Junior Cat is beyond this sort of thing.. I can see it if the suckage is low, or ignore it (or buy it for the nephew whose parents I dislike most..) if it’s awful.
    Good luck, Moe!

  2. The studio is certainly pushing it hard. I’ve seen more commercials for it than for Moana and Sing combined.
    I’m not sure if that’s a good indicator of non-suckage.

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