So I hear that ‘Hidden Figures’ is worth your time.

Excellent box office and getting A ratings on both sides of the Rotten Tomatoes line, which is noteworthy. I’ve found that either the Tomatometer or the Audience Score can give you a good idea about whether you’ll like a particular film; hitting the center ring on both usually suggests that you may want to catch the flick.  My wife was going to see it yesterday, only (surprise surprise) Hidden Figures was sold out on MLK Day. But she has off on Friday, so we’re going to do lunch and go see it together. Hopefully it’ll be a thing.

One thought on “So I hear that ‘Hidden Figures’ is worth your time.”

  1. Excellent film, about really smart people seeking to excel in their fields despite obstacles thrown in their way. And, bonus, Mercury space program!

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