Steve Jackson Games doing more with Amazon Createspace.

Basically, Amazon Createspace allows companies like Steve Jackson Games to release titles (in this case, GURPS titles) for softcover print-on-demand. They’ve already tried this with three existing titles: now SJG is going to try three more. If there’s enough demand, SJG will start assigning staff to convert more titles. There’s the faintest possibility of a suggestion of a hint that ‘even older titles’ might be made available, which could mean 3rd edition GURPS, or – dare I hope it? – In Nomine.

So. Yeah. That would be really, really awesome.  Alas, I am the last person to hit up for ordering GURPS books, given that I pretty much have virtually all of the printed ones by now*. But, hey: I have a website…

Moe Lane

*That’s not even remotely an exaggeration.  I don’t collect foreign versions and there are various cardboard miniature packs and maps that I didn’t pick up at the time. But if I’m missing a sourcebook, I can’t remember which one it is, offhand.

3 thoughts on “Steve Jackson Games doing more with Amazon Createspace.”

  1. I see they’ve converted IOU into PDF. Never managed to find a real copy at a price I was willing to pay.

  2. Contest!
    Name your favorite obscure GURPS sourcebook.
    Winner gets nothing. (And likes it.)

    1. Goblins
      Who doesn’t want to get into trouble in a comically surreal version of Georgian London?

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