Oh, hey, got a nibble today.

Not a sale, but the story made it past the first round. Which is encouraging! Lord knows you can feel stalled in this business, sometimes.  Or more than sometimes… still, mustn’t grumble.  I’ll know more at a later time – and, again, this isn’t a sale, just me making advancing along in the process.

Thanks, by the way, for all the encouragement that I’ve gotten in the past and will get in the future. It really does help.  Anybody who does art will tell you that, too.

2 thoughts on “Oh, hey, got a nibble today.”

  1. Fingers crossed and I have the confidence that you will make it. Just keep on keeping on.

  2. You have been weighed in the eyes of The Internets, and have been found to Not Suck. May the publishers catch up eventually.

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