Well, by God: it may be a BAD short story that I finished…

…out of respect for a man who has since passed on*; but it is no longer an UNFINISHED, bad short story**.  I’ve had the blessed thing stuck in the back of my head for two, three years: I was wondering if it would ever get completed.  Now I’m going to forget about it for a day or two, do the necessary pass-through, and send it on its way.

That’s it.  And, yes: I’m describing the literary equivalent of describing an itch that I’ve finally been able to scratch.  And at that I’m probably being kind to myself; there are so many other, less couth, metaphors that would work in this context…

Moe Lane

*Larry Latham: he was the fellow who did the amazingly good Lovecraft is Missing webcomic, and he was taken from us far too soon.

**That turn of phrase shamelessly stolen from Stephen King’s It.

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